Recently, I was reminded of a time where I yearned for what I have now. I so deeply craved to be loved… now I am loved, so deeply, I sometimes struggle to understand it.

They greatest lie is that we do not deserve the love we receive. I believed this lie for a very long time. I believed it because I was a very bruised little girl inside a woman’s body.

Until I was faced with unconditional love that blew me away completely. “I love you with the love of the Lord.” That love took the wind out of my sails but took me flying.

Here’s to flying with you… Still recruited.

Author: Ilze Gopal

I write because I have no choice in the matter.....

3 thoughts on “KOESTER”

  1. Their love for us is something that heals my broken heart every day. It is like God knew what I needed, and He sent me my husband to show me what unconditional love is. To have someone that not only loves me but likes me, enjoys me, misses me and wants to know what I think, has been the best experience of my life.

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