Thank you Women’s Health!

This post is LONG overdue! Thank you so much to Lori Cohen and the entire team for this feature in the October issue. It is such an honour to be associated with the Women’s Health magazine.



The article features women from different walks of life, who share a small glimpse into their journey with bipolar disorder. Even though this is a short sight into our daily lives; it is such a great opportunity to share and bring awareness.


In all previous interviews, I have always said that there isn’t enough bipolar awareness in the media. So when I was contacted to be part of this article I was overjoyed! Not just for my own voice to be heard but for the pending spotlight that will be onto a diagnosis that is seldom talked about by ‘normal’ people.

The truth of the matter is that bipolar disorder is not an illness that turns you into this constant, moody whirlwind of artistic genius. Sure at times this is exactly what you think you are but most of the time we are trying to blend in with the rest of humankind.




So friends and family if you have money to spare, get yourself a copy and read about real women and their mental health.

Author: Ilze Gopal

I write because I have no choice in the matter.....

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