Starry nights…

Our Lived Experience

Does my life story, make for a good story? How many people think that their lives would make great stories? Be it through films or books.

I wanted to live off the land once. It was a great idea. This is also one of the many concepts that are usually used in movies about people with mental illness. The loon that lives in the wild, battling society’s institutions and rules.

As I am watching yet another movie about mental illness. About the star-crossed lovers. About their search for their own truth. About how their highs and their lows. About? ME! About crazy, special people like me! I am more than slightly upset because…. I see myself in these characters.

Because I had these friendships with other disordered people. I had these influences and inspirations. I saw these rhythms and patterns and codes… and it was beautiful and magical. God spoke to…

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Author: Ilze Gopal

I write because I have no choice in the matter.....

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